July 28, 2014

Shravan Mahina

What is the Shravan Maas Mahatmya or the importance of Shravan Mahina? 
Sawan month or Shravan maas is the fifth Hindu month. As per the Hindu scriptures and Vedas, Shravan maas is considered as highly auspicious month.

In Vedas, Sawan month is described as ‘Nabhas’. Shravan Purnima (the full moon day in Shravana masam) coincides with with the Nakshatra (birth star) of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu, Shravana nakshatra, hence the whole month is called as Shravana masam. This is the main reason why Sravan month is considered as important, significant and auspicious.

In 2014, Shravan Month begins on July 13 and ends on August 10 as per North Indian Hindi calendars. As per Telugu, Kannada, Marathi & Gujarati calendars, Shravan Maas 2014 begins on July 27 and ends on August 25.

Sawan maas is highly fruitful for good deeds. According to Puranas, performing Grihpravesh in this month is very significant and greatly forecasted. Hindu Astrology tells that the natives who born in Shravan maas are highly honored by the world. Hence Lord Jagannath, Sri Krishna, who was born in Sawan maas, is worshipped and honored by the world. Not only Sri Krishna, but Lord Hayagriva, who was born on Shravan Poornima, and Vaikhanasa Aagama Pravaktha, Vaikhanas Maharshi are also greatly worshipped.

Purnima (full moon day) in this month (Shravan Pournami) is very significant and important. Sharavan Purnima is celebrated as Jandhyala Pournami. On this day, dwijas (who can able to observe Upanayana punaskar) perform Upakarma. Vedas described that this Upakarma helps them in maintaining their spiritual, psychological and physical health. Sawan Purnima is also celebrated as Raksha bandhan (Rakhi festival). Rakhi festival is a great tradition of healthy relationship between brother and sister.

It is believed that Lord Shiva to save the world drank the poison ‘halahala’ that came out during the Samdura Manthan or churning of ocean. It is said that the gods in Hindu pantheon assembled to witness this holy act of Shiva. Water from Ganga is offered to cool Lord Shiva and to alleviate the ill effects of the poison.
The main Shravan Puja is the worship of Shivling with Gangajal, Bilva leaves or pure water. Some people observe fast on Mondays. Many people observe different vows during the month like having only vegetarian food, or reading a particular Holy Scripture on all days of the month.

Importance of Shravan Month/Shravan Maas:
Each day of the Shravan Month has its specific significance and ritual.

  1. Monday: is the day of Lord Shiva worship.
  2. Tuesday: Gauri is worshipped in every home by women for the good health of their family 
  3. Wednesday: is dedicated to Vithala, a form of Vishnu or Krishna.
  4. Thursday: are also days for worshipping Buddh and Guru.
  5. Friday: for worshipping Lakshmi and Tulsi.
  6. Saturday: are for Saturn (Shani). It is also known as Shravan Saturdays, to obtaining wealth. These days are known as Sampat Sanivara (wealth Saturdays).
  7. Sundays: are meant to worship the Sun god. Sun worship was general in the Vedic period and even now, it is so. Especially in Shravan, every Sunday the Sun is worshipped without fail.

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