January 13, 2014

International Kite Festival India 2014

The colorful International Kite Festival India 2014 celebration

Festivals and celebrations go hand in hand in India. Kite flying being one of the many colorful festivals is now celebrated at national and international level. The joyous and colorful state of Gujarat is gearing up for the national kite flying extravaganza in Ahmadabad. The event is set to mark from 7th January to 15th.

Magnificence of the IKF 2014

The International Kite Festival 2014 is being looked up many people because of plenty of participation at all levels. There are many volunteers from across the state and nation coming together for this. The fervor of humanity, celebration, excitement, vigor, team spirit, playing and having fun is at its peak.

Preparation for IKF Ahmedabad 2014  in Gujarat

Kite flying is one festival which has the potential to give far reaching effective messages. Kite flying involves a common platform where people from all walks of life can come and display kite flying skills or participate with groups and alone also. There are many kinds of kites which are made from different materials like paper and cloth.

The International Kite Festival India 2014 is set to display amazing collections of simple and fancy kites in all shapes and sizes. Groups of people participate in high kite flying if size is too big. The sky will be filled with bright colors of kites on banks of Sabarmati (Gandhi to Nehru Bridge). International visitors can learn the Gujarati style of kite flying with screams all over the place.

The kite club and the kite association of Gujarat may make the kite festival more interesting by inviting ace kite flyers of national and international grade. Ahmadabad and many local people have started designing the kites which can be seen in workshops.

Many kites have social messages, awareness information marked on exclusive patterns and designs. Each kite creation is unique. Some have animal and floral prints while others are made in that shape. Figurative and geometric designs on kites are quite common. There are some special kite designers who have planned to host different age groups workshops on kite making.

This year the kite flying international event has diversified by adding value to event with laser and sound shows, kite making workshops and more. Amazing history, significance and effects of kites flying will be available for visitors. Visitors can even enjoy amazing Gujarati food, handicrafts and buy crafts from bazaars.

IKF 2014 is expected to boost the national integration and promote humanity in various aspects.

Ahmedabad International Kite Festival 2014 – Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.  7th to 15th January 2014

Kite Festival Venue :
Sabarmati River Front
Ashram Road,
Ahmedabad – 380006
Gujarat – India

(Time : 8 AM to 5 PM)
For Public
Car Entry Point : Patang Hotel, Nr. Nehru Bridge Corner, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad – 38009

Public Entry : Vallabh Sadan Temple,  Opp. Gujarat Chambers of Commerce, Ashram Road,  Ahmedabad